Eligibility Specialist
Our program is designed to maximize and expedite for the hospital recovery of potential Medicaid revenue by assisting your uninsured and underinsured patient population complete the process of applying for these state governmental benefits. Through use of our knowledgeable social services staff, we skillfully provide one-on-one advocacy services to your patients helping them establish their entitlement to benefits. Our staff is available to promptly meet with patients bedside if desired or in the home shortly following discharge. Advocacy services include assisting the patient complete application for benefits materials and assemble required support documentation, accompany or stand-in for the patient at interview with government agency staff and represent patient's and hospital's interests in administrative fair hearing proceeding to contest unjust denial of benefits.

Patient Locator Resources and Skip Tracing Techniques
A full range of skip tracing techniques including professional door-to-door patient locator resources are utilized to enhance our effectiveness in communicating with an often-times transient population.

Billing Resources
Resources are available to support the billing function to include the filing of provider appeals.
Blending expertise in hospital patient financial management and hospital legal reimbursement issues, we are uniquely qualified to serve our hospital clientele.

To learn more about our organization and how we can impact your hospital's maximizing reimbursement and disproportionate share entitlement from your state's Medicaid program, please contact our Marketing Department or email us at:
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